About Allure Leather

Monday, 29 February 2016  |  Admin

<p>Allure Leather and Elegant Moments are manufacturers of fine leather and PVC (otherwise known as vinyl) clothing, lingerie and underwear established in 1993</p>.

<p>Designs include leather corsets, lingerie and dresses for women who want a vampy or dominatrix look, making these the finest fetish outfits to wear in the bedroom or on stage for the daring performer.</p>

<p>Allure and Elegant Moments insist on using the top quality leather for their garments. Allure Leather use cowhide and Elegant Moments use lambskin. While lambskin is wonderful to the touch it is not so durable for some items such as corsets which could easily wear out of shape. Lambskin is wonderful soft leather. However, it can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. It is weak in nature, it stretches if it is not used properly. Excellent quality lambskin can demand a high price tag. Two of the best market examples are USA Lambskin and New Zealand Lambskin. Two of the worst quality lambskins are India lambskin and Pakistan lambskin. Because lambskin is supple nature, it is considered to be luxurious. Women seem to love the feel of the Lambskin more than Men and it is cheaper to use and buy lambskin</p>.

<p>Allure Leather garments are made using cowhide which is an excellent tough leather, long a consumer market favourite. Top Grain or Genuine Cowhide has been around for decades and many products are made from it. Because of its toughness and strength it has been used in the past for American pilots, the U.S. Defence Department today only use flight jackets made of Cowhide. Genuine Cowhide with modern technology is now being processed into a very supple feel to the touch, at times even rival lambskin in its suppleness. Some Manufacturers use split cowhide or buff cowhide, or the weaker layers of a hide to make products. Recognized brand name products such as Allure only use top grain hide. </p>

<p>Always buy top grain or Genuine Leather. Nickel finish, which is widely used on all hardware like rings, buckles, snaps, and chain, has been banned from all European countries. A great number of people experience allergic reactions to nickel. Allure Leather do not use nickel at all in any of their hardware finish or trims. To protect you further more, Allure Leather uses high quality leather hide which does not contain AZO dye colouring in the leather dying process. This material is highly toxic and it is widely used.</p>

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