Lingerie - A Way to a Man's Heart

Friday, 28 September 2012  |  Admin

<p>Let us set the scene, your man comes home from work, tired and stressed out and you want a little attention, you need his arms wrapped around you, you need to feel that he still loves you and finds you attractive but all he does is slump down in front of the television. You try to talk to him but all you get is a grunt, and asked what’s for dinner. You feel deflated, unappreciated, unloved, and you start to wonder what you can do to grab your man’s attention, to make him realize what a dish you really are.</p>
<p>Well listen up ladies, why don’t you try this. Most men are attracted visually, so if you want to make him take attention and give you the affection you deserve then wear a really pretty but sexy bra and panty set, some elegant thigh high stockings, a mini dress, or something that is revealing and for that show stopping look, a pair of killer heels.</p>
<p>Now this will certainly attract his attention when he comes in, but the coup de grace will be to act normally, as this is not how you normally dress. Men are curious fellows and will want to know what the big occasion is. They will automatically assume they have forgotten something important and they have YOU! So play it coy, let him guess. Obviously men are also very jealous, so if they confront you about it, say with your most alluring look that you just wanted to show them what they are missing, that you have eyes only for them, and that you want some affection. That should boost their fragile little ego’s and make them feel important. At this point it helps if you brush up against them, just to entice them, and make them realize that instead of watching the telly they could be having much more fun.</p>
<p>The way to excite a man is quite simply to show him you are still sexy, by wearing something sexy, that will remind him he still needs to chase you, men love the chase and the excitement it brings. Best of all men love to be naughty, so seeing you acting naughty will spur him on, unless he is a complete bore then all I can say is this, take him back to the shop and ask for a refund!</p>