First Impressions of the Dreamgirl 2017 Lingerie Catalogue

Sunday, 8 January 2017  |  Admin

<p>Dreamgirl's dramatically sexy new 2017 lingerie catalogue graced our office a few weeks ago and we've noticed some definite changes to the way you'll be wearing and shopping for lingerie this year. Aside from the stunning updated images lets turn the page on a new year and see what's really changed under the glossy cover of this teasingly fashionable collection.</p>
<img class= "img-responsive" src="" alt = "Dreamgirl 2017 Plus Sizes">
<p>On the -plus- side (If you'll pardon the pun). Plus sizes for new lines are completely different, the standard 1x-2x and 3x-4x has been replaced with a cleaner and more wearer friendly 1x, 2x and 3x structure. Notably the Dreamgirl plus sizing appears to be more generous through to 3x - we'll look into this at greater detail later so check back for a new in-depth posting in the coming weeks or follow our social media and we'll let you know once we've posted our findings. In the meantime you can see the new plus sizing table  <u><a href="">here</a></u>. I addition there are a small (I know - these puns are terrible!) selection of intimates now offered in x-small sizing for those with a more petite build too.<p>
<img  class= "img-responsive" src="" alt = "Lingerie as Outerwear">
<p>Sadly, there are no new <u><a href="">club dresses</u></a> in this release. Are we perhaps going to be treated to a supplemental Dreamgirl dress catalogue later in the year? Or is this a new direction for the brand who are placing a heavy focus on lingerie as outerwear with new urban inspired imagery through the main collection? Be assured when we know, you will know too. Flirtatious deep raspberry pink continues to feature frivolously which makes us very happy as we and our customers have found it to be such an uplifting colour choice for intimates. In addition to that we absolutely adore the newly introduced totally gorgeous slate grey satin which really suits the decadently modern theme throughout the catalogue. See that sumptious satin chemise <u><a href="">here</u></a></p>
<img  class= "img-responsive" src="" alt = "Dreamgirl 2017 Collection">
<p>On the whole the new Dreamgirl catalogue presents as a dynamic, edgy and forward thinking lingerie collection with best selling favourites such as the fetish, gift boxed red diamond lingerie and <u><a href="">bedroom costumes</u></a>, babydolls, chemises, robes and hosiery collections continued, complimented with dramatic new designs in faux leather, satin lingerie, mosaic lace, bandage and cage styles and clear plastic, yes plastic!</p>