What to do when you're not feeling Valentine's Day

Monday, 1 February 2016  |  Admin

<p>What exactly do you do on Valentines day if you're not in the mood? Finding romance in the real world isn't always as easy as it's made out to be, especially when you're flooded with marketing images of perfection. Sure the internet is full of gift suggestions but I'm focussing on what to do on this romantic day when you're just not feeling it.</p><p>Yesterday evening I was searching online for some ideas for my special man, trying to switch off and feel the romance of Valentine's day after a long day at work until I was interrupted by my youngest, and again twenty minutes later by the same child this time for no apparent reason - sometimes it seems you just can't get a minute to relax and enjoy those feelings that the media advertise so well so this year I'm going back to basics - its all about the personal touch, bringing the grand gestures right down to a genuinely intimate level.</p><li> Breakfast in bed (lunch with the kids in our case!) - we all know how hungry a man's heart is but there's no need to go all out continental - sometimes you can try too hard. We talked for a while about our what favourite breakfasts were when we were growing up that we haven't had in ages and this year I'll be surprising my man with egg and soldiers! Simple but I know it will bring a smile to his face and make him feel special in a way that nothing else would.</li><li>Love notes - If he's not a breakfast person then drop a little love note in his bag or lunch to find while he's out at work or leave it somewhere at home where he's likely to see it. Love notes are a great way to show your affection on a very personal level and they cost nothing. Be as sweet or as saucy as you like, count the days you've been together or simply make your demands for the night ahead! It's a great way to lead up to an evening together.</li><li> Mood Music - Whether you're going out for dinner or dining in why not put on some romantic music and light some candles while you're both getting ready to go or winding down after a long day, or listen to the songs you shared when you first got together. Expectations can be high on Valentine's day but re-living prescious memories through music can be a great way to ease any tension. It certainly works for us and might even mean that dinner plans get cancelled for something a little fruitier!</li></p><p>This year has definitely taught me that Valentine's day is not about expecting to feel a certain way - its about celebrating what you have in your own way.