All About Venice Lace

Monday, 16 January 2017  |  Admin

Otherwise known as guipure, Venice lace is a needlepoint lace with a dramatic tattoo like appearance due to it having no net backing. The applique-like designs are connected with bars or bridges instead of being woven on to a mesh.

Venice or Venise lace is currently very popular in lingerie especially in more versatile designs which are suitable as underwear or outerwear. This piece is typical of the pattern used in Dreamgirl's 2017 collection which features pretty floral details that soften the overall design of the garment, bringing a hint of nightlife to the bedroom or a whim of romantic intention to a night out. This year we are seeing a definite trend to use lace as a crossover in day-to-night wear. The heavy, decadent floral patterns and ornate foliage suggest an exquisite and almost regal lifestyle and attitude. In Venice lace, an urban celebrity can transform into a red carpet showstopper.

Dreamgirl Venice Lace Corset

Venice was a leading influence in fashion in 16th Century Europe. Today in the 21st century we see this delicate but rigid lace incorporated not in Renaissance ruffles and home furnishings but in striking contemporary lingerie sets, corsets, outerwear and eveningwear married to other modern materials such faux leather, jersey and chiffon, adding a decadently seductive focal point to garments which are designed to allure. Due to the lack of backing, this lace features some definitely open sections to allow a level of exposure of the skin that is not attanable with net backed lace. This works particularly well under stage lighting when the colour of the garment is in significant contrast to the tone of the wearer's skin.

Dreamgirl Venice Lace Teddy

Why choose venice lace? Compared to everyday machine lace this guipure style is definitely more eye-catching, it's dramatic contrast on the skin gives an air of confidence to the wearer. Venice lace is not as comfortable and certainly not a soft material. That being said for women who find themselves drawn to tattoos but aren't sure if they want to make a lifelong commitment to one single design this lace offers is a less permanent alternative by covering the skin in elaborate and striking designs that can be simply taken off when you're done wearing it. Venice lace also carries a higher price point which gives it an air of exclusivity and added desirability.

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