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Sexy Jewellery

Sexy rhinestone body jewellery including erotic belly chains, chokers and necklaces with suggestive text to wear with lingerie.

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Angel Wings Rhinestone Belly Chain

Angel Wings Rhinestone Belly Chain£8.99   £0.90

Silver coloured chain with clasp and rhinestone wing design with crystal falls.

Criss Cross Rhinestone G-String

Criss Cross Rhinestone G-String£22.99   £2.30

Sexy rhinestone covered chain g-string with criss cross front design. Erotic body jewellery for daring divas.

Fuck Me Necklace with Rhinestone

Fuck Me Necklace with Rhinestone£8.25   £0.83

A silver tone necklace with erotic fuck me lettering and rhinestone detail. Wearable sexy text that's outrageously suggestive

Rhinestone Babe Belly chain

Rhinestone Babe Belly chain£6.25   £0.63

Silver coloured chain with clasp and babe logo in rhinestones.

Rhinestone Butterfly Belly Chain

Rhinestone Butterfly Belly Chain£6.99   £0.70

Silver coloured chain with clasp and butterfly motif in rhinestones to wear at the front or the back.

Rhinestone Waterfall Belt

Rhinestone Waterfall Belt£13.99   £1.40

Low waisted chain with clasp fastening and cascading rhinestone waterfall strands front like a sexy thong made of crystals.

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items